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  • Welcome to Lake Valley Fire Protection District

    Welcome to Lake Valley Fire Protection District

    It is the mission of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District to protect our community, its people, and environment, by providing the highest level of fire suppression, emergency medical, disaster, hazardous materials, and fire prevention Read More
  • Operations Division

    Operations Division

    The mission of the Operations Division is to protect our community's people, property and environment by conducting aggressive emergency operations to mitigate threats caused by fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials, and disasters. Read More
  • Fire Prevention Division

    Fire Prevention Division

    The mission of the fire prevention division is to protect our community's people, property and environment by preventing emergencies through providing inspection, plan checking, and fire and life safety education services. The Fire Prevention Division Read More
  • Fire Adapted Community

    Fire Adapted Community

    A Fire Adapted Community acknowledges and takes responsibility for its wildfire risk, and implements appropriate actions at all levels. Actions address resident safety, homes, neighborhoods, businesses and infrastructure, forests, parks, open spaces and other community assets Read More
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Holiday Engine Schedule 2020



Happy holidays from Lake Valley FPD! Here is the schedule for our Holiday engine to drive through our community neighborhoods. Unfortunately due to Covid 19, the Holiday engine will not be handing out candy canes this year. Please wave and say hello from a safe social distance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

December 11 – Echo View Estates, Tahoe Mountain Road, Mule Deer Circle

December 12 – Lake Tahoe Blvd from Boulder Mountain Drive to Grizzly Mountain Drive

December 13 – West side of North Upper Truckee from Zuni Street Highway 50, Chiapa Drive

December 14 – East side of North Upper Truckee from Grizzly Mountain to West San Bernardino Ave.

December 15 – Christmas Valley from Highway 50 to Grass Lake Road

December 16 –North side of Highway 50 in Meyers (lower Apache, Magnet School), behind Station 7     (Cornelian Drive, Navahoe Drive, Cheyenne Drive).

December 17 – North of Pioneer Trail from Highway 50 to Elks Club (Southern Pines Drive, Tionontati     Street, Meadow Vale Drive), Player Drive

December 18 – Upper Apache Drive and Mandan Street

December 19 – Pioneer Trail from Busch Way to Washoan Blvd (Glen Eagles Drive, Hekpa Drive)

December 20 – Pioneer Trail from Washoan Blvd to Jicarilla Drive (Apalachee Drive, Nadowa Street,        Susquehana Drive)

December 21 – Kokanee Estates (Marshall Trail, High Meadow Trail)

December 22 – Golden Bear Trail, Meadow View Estates (Plateau Circle, Cattleman’s Trail)

December 23 – Cold Creek Trail, Del Norte Street, Black Bart from Pioneer Trail to Meadow Crest Drive

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Notice - Candidate Filing For the Nov 3, 2020 Election

Candidate Filing for the November 3, 2020 Election

Filing Period

July 13- August 7, 2020

Please see the notice below for more information or visit


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Public Input Webinar Alert - June 17, 2020

Public Input Webinar Alert - June 17, 2020:

Please see below for details to opportunity to provide input to the development of the Tahoe-Program Timberland Environmental Impact Report (PTEIR) document.

The Tahoe-PTEIR evaluates the environmental impacts of a proposed program to increase the pace and scale of forest management activities that reduce wildfire risk to communities and improve forest health in and adjacent to the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) on the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin (the proposed program).

Please see links below for details to public input webinar. We hope you will attend!

Wednesday, June 17th @ 5:30pm

Please visit North Tahoe FPD website for more information:

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Defensible Space and Chipping Online Request Form


The defensible space and chipping services will be opening soon for the season. Please use the links below to and fill out the online forms to make your requests.

For Defensible Space requests, please click on the link below and fill out the online request form:

For Chipping requests, please click in the link below and fill out the online request form:

***Please make every effort to request services using the online forms. This will help to streamline your request.

If you are experiencing difficulty, you may call (530) 577-2447 (CHIP)


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Public Review and Comment -Program Timberland Environmental Impact Report

The draft “Program Timberland Environmental Impact Report” (PTEIR) has been released for public review. Public review and comment period will span from May 22, 2020 to July 6, 2020. For more details to this process, including dates and times to public meetings, please visit the following website:


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