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Wildfire Prevention Program

Goal and Objective of Lake Valley Fire Protection District’s Wildfire Prevention Program:

  • The LVFPD’s fire and fuels management program goal is to protect life, property and the environment from the effect of a catastrophic wildfire. The LVFPD’s objective is to work closely with experts in resource management and return the forest to estimated native conditions. Without fire in the ecosystem, the forest in Lake Tahoe Basin has experienced a high amount of dead or dying trees as a result of overstocking, drought, insects and diseases. Fire management personnel must take an active role in the restoration process to create a forest remnant of pre-fire management in the Lake Tahoe Basin
  • Native forest conditions may be described in terms of composition, structure, and function. A specific objective of the LVFPD’s fire and fuels management program is to transition vegetation structure and species composition so that the forest mimics conditions of historic fire regime. Mechanical treatment, hand thinning, and prescribed fire will serve to manipulate the vegetation arrangement reducing catastrophic fire potential.

Wildfire Prevention Services:


The LVFPD offers a broad range of wild land fire prevention and forestry services including:

Defensible Space Education
Curbside Chipping
Defensible Space Tree Marking
Defensible Space Inspections
Shaded Fuel Break Construction
Defense Zone Construction
* Prescribed Fire and Pile Burning